The definition of inequality changes from individual to individual. One may see something as fair while I see it as unfair. Generally inequality in terms of a social construct means unequal opportunities and the existence of flawed policies. Whereas this is a reflection paper so this is not what inequality is to me. 

To me inequality means an uneven playing field. Not every social class is receiving the same benefits and opportunities. When you start out in middle class society you’re more than likely to be successful in life than someone who starts life in poverty. There was this video I had watched a couple weeks ago that showed inequality in a visual perspective. Everyone sat down in rows and their mission was to get their crumpled papers into a waste basket at the front of the room. At the end it was proven that the people closer to the waste basket were more successful than their peers who sat behind them. This experiment was so moving for me because it explained inequality in a way it had never been explained. In the context of the United States as a whole inequality is abundant and has had negative effects. Like the Baltimore Riots and the multiple shootings of black teenagers. Our judgement can be initially bias and most of that bias is coming from white Americans. The American justice system is flawed which can lead to wrongful incarnation and injustice. America was founded on the belief that it would be the greatest country in the world because of the idea that the laws would be equal and just. This is not the case which does not make the United States the greatest country in the world. We’re flawed And unjust like most countries out there. 

There are many different inequalities in the United States and it affects all of our lives which is why it matters. It may seem very impossible to eliminate all inequality from this nation but it is not impossible to minimize it. Our day to day interactions with one another are altered in some way because of inequality. Equality and inequality is something we should all care about because the more equality this country has then the better chances there is of our quality of life improving. People who choose to ignore the inequalities of our country may think that as a nation we are already equal but that is not the case. 

Writing this reflection got me thinking about the election and the issue of the amount of illegals entering the United States. As a human I believe we should all have rights to any land but today it doesn’t happen that way. I wish that things were as black and white when it comes to illegal immigration that some people make it out to be but it’s not. Immigrants are fleeing tyranny and poverty in search of a better life. In their homeland they may face starvation, homelessness and torture. As humans morally it is wrong to turn people away and have them return to that life. As Americans we seem to not care and have this self righteous mentality.  


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