That thunderstorm last night was magnificent and in all its glory it had captured my soul. I was forced to confront and question every thought and feeling I had ever had. Who would’ve known that the rain that fell upon my window pane last night would bring my soul to the surface?  I certainly did not.

I looked her straight in the face and she did the same. Her stare became uncomfortable and I wanted to look away but her gaze was holding me there. In that moment I belonged to her and no one else. The tears that fell down her face just mimicked mine. Why was she crying? Why was I crying? I wanted to take her into a warm embrace but I couldn’t for I belonged to her but she did not belong to me.

This beautiful entity standing before me embodied everything and everyone I had ever loved but not only them but the ones I had hated too, this had made apparent why she was crying. She had held my burdens all my life as she was forced to live parallel from me. Unable to speak to me or hold me but living the same life I had been living.

With the rain no longer falling upon my window pane and from the heavens she had slowly slipped away. Leaving me to stand there staring out onto the street.


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